No Backdrop links from The


Hello folks,

using ThumbGen for a couple of days to organize my movies on the hub.

All was working fine until yesterday.

I set as info collecteor and as main cover collector.

I´m using Mojo Theme and create with ThumbGen a xml and movie png file.

ThumbGen gather all the information and write it into the xml file…

But now, without to change anything, the backdrop links gatherd from are missing.

Backdrop links from the collector were gathered and written fine into the xml…

So any confirmation that anyone other out there has the same problem for the time beeing  that no backdrop links were gathered and written using


i think its because their servers were down yesterday, forum too, not sure


Hmmm, forum is up for me. Might it be possible that anyone out there will try to replicate my problem.

Please anyone create a xml file with information from The and check if the backdrop information is generated…


i said yesterday, anyway im having trouble too just have to wait i guess…


This is a answer from ThumbGen himself  at a another forum. Maybe it is the solution for our problems…

"It seems the website is down (API functions fail). Let’s hope it comes back to life soon"

Hope it will work soon, too…


same issue, no backdrops


Rapparee,  if you are using IE9 please visit the link below: