No Back Up After Catalina Upgrade

I updated to the newest patch for Catalina and I can no longer back up to My Book Live. I can see it in Finder but the browser dashboard does not come up. I can see the IP address in my router listing but the IP does not bring up any WD page. When I try to back up I get an error message that the backupbundle is in use. I have reset the MBL. I have reset the router. I cannot delete the old file to start a new one because it says it is in use.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Has anybody got an answer??? Ive got the same problem on my Mac Pro with A My Book Desktop 8TB Externa?. Kinda freaking me out.

My MyBook Live doesn’t work with my upgrade to Catalina. I can see files on the MyBook, but I cannot access them, such as copy them locally, for example.

I am in the process of moving everything off my MyBook Live onto an external hard drive that Windows and Mac computers can both access without issues.

Going forward, I think the best plan is to expect Western Digital does not support macOS reliably.

Yes. I am looking at something else to use for backups as it seems that WD does not care about its customers. New OS upgrade and they do not support it nor do they post anything to help. There are a lot of other options out there other than WD.