No available Apps

Just bought an EX4100, but when I click “Add an App”, the window that comes up says “No available Apps”. Where are they?

So far as I can tell it isn’t a problem connecting to the Internet. I was able to upgrade to the latest firmware, download a PDF file using the HTTP download app, and fetch torrents with the P2P app.

Was hoping to be able to install Plex and git.

You can still manually add apps to your unit as explained in the User Manual even if no apps are displayed:

Nevertheless, you should see the list of apps, so download the complete user guide and check that you are doing things correctly.

Manually adding them sounds promising, but I still need to have an app to add it. :frowning:

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Still can’t get this to work. Everything else is fine, just no list of apps. Are there actually any apps for EX4100? Can anyone tell me the ip address so I can try pinging the server?

I bought a EX4100 as well to replace a Seagate. I an having the same problem I see no list of apps as in the manual. Where are they and how do I get them.

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