No automatic spin down with new HDD Blue on Windows 10

On my Windows 10 system i switched from an external WD 3TB to a a new internal 4TB WD Blue.
This harddrive ist only a data storage.

Before my external drive spin down automatically after a couple of minutes (windows energy settings).
The new drive does not spin down.

  1. No indexing on this drive
  2. Energy settings: turn down after 2 minutes
  3. DiskMon: No read/write operations on the new drive
  4. Manual spin down with HDDScan worked
  5. close all programs to avoid access on the drive

What else can i do to fix this problem?

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I haven’t seen this case on the community before. What’s the model number of your drive?

Please test the drive using the WD DLG tool to see if there’s any specific issue with the unit.

Also, try contacting WD Support for direct assistance on this case.


exactly the same issue here… it is driving me nuts. :thumbsdown:

i have a new 4TB WD blue and issues with it going into sleep mode (spindown).
it is configured as drive E: and a pure DATA disk.

i run windows 10 64 bit.
i also tried hddscan and manuall spindown works.

i replaced a 3TB WD green that had no issues going into sleep mode … it worked just fine.

i know how to setup energy saving features in windows 10 and i made sure that the system is not accessing the 4TB WD blue, preventing it from going into sleep mode.

there is no cache or swapfile on E: there is no tool accessing the drive.

again… when i replace the 4TB BLUE with the 3TB GREEN all works as expected.

the drive is a DATA drive as i wrote so it could be idle most of the time.
and i hear the annoying noise the drives motor makes, as i have an absolute silent system otherwise.

the GREEN is a WDC WD30EZRZ-00WN9B0

the BLUE is a WDC WD40EZRZ-00WN9B0

im pretty much clueless why this drive won´t go to sleep (spindown).

more here: