No authomatically tranferring?

Hi guys,

I am hoping someone can help… My computer crashed but I have everything backed up on my WD 1TB external hard drive. When I connected it to my new computer, it didnt automatically ask to transfer everything but gives me the option to manually go in and get every file. Is there a way I can automatically do this?? All the files are saved indivicually and out of sync so I wouldnt even know where to start!


Hello and welcome to the community.

If you created the backup using WD Smartware software then you can install the software on the computer and then try the retrieve tab.

Check page # 49 of the WD Smartware user’s manual.

Thanks for your reply…

When I go to the retrieve button, it says to select which back up volume I want to restore but there are none listed! The files are all still on the drive and I can access them manually??