No Audio?

hi guys

this WD TV is giving me **bleep**

not very easy to set up at all… 1 problem after another

no so now

i cant hear any Audio via HDMI

i can see the video fine

ive tried almost all the settings i can

and i swapped the audio over to the HDMI and still nothing


Are you sure you’re in the right forum?  You’re just now setting up a three-year-old product?

Anyway, what’s on the other end of your HDMI cable?

well i didnt say it was the WD TV live

the new version with the usb at the front…

other end of hdmi??

a tv

video works fine just no sound

perplex wrote:

well i didnt say it was the WD TV live

Sure you did… That’s the forum this post is in.

If that’s not the product you have, you should post in the correct forum.

But I would guess, since you’re plugging HDMI into a TV, that you need to set the Audio Output mode to “Stereo,” not HDMI Passthrough.

so this is the wrong forums for the WD TV Live?

ive treid that setting and nothing still

nvm its working now

just did a hard reset at the bottom and it works so np