No audio with youtube using SPDIF optical out


I get no audio when using Youtube and SPDIF pass-through to my logitech speaker system. It’s been this way since I got it. All other services and videos sound fine including video files with stereo only audio. Is this a known problem? What gives?

Similiar post here but still no solution: 


Have you had any luck with this issue?


Trancer wrote:

Have you had any luck with this issue?

Yes, I selected to pass-through all audio including AAC through optical on setup. Well my receiver doesn’t decode AAC so I wasn’t hearing anything. Deselected AAC and all is well.


Nither does my receiver support AAC - i got to convert it to AC3 each time there’s AAC 5.1 sound. That’s hard work!


Sorry… need to read the whole thread. :wink: