No audio when playing the video

hey to all,

now here is the deal when i copy a video(no matter which kind) to my live hub’s internal hdd from my mac via network, i can play the video but there’s no sound. But when i copy the same video via network to an external hdd which is connected to live hub , i can play the video and no problem with the sound. i didnt update my live hub with the latest firmware honestly im scared of updates so i hope thats not the problem.anyway did not understand what is the problem can anyone help me out to solve that? i also use snow leopard on my mac


This is weird, how are you connecting your WD TV, using HDMI?

yes i never got that problem before when i sent files with my pc vista but when i sent the files with my mac to internal hdd in my hub there’s no sound but when i send the same file with mac again  the same way  to external hdd which is connected to my hub all works fine :S yes i use HDMI to connect