No Audio when playing sample WMV HD content with WMA PRO Audio encoding

I have downloaded a few different sample HD movies for playing on the WD Live.  They are both 1080P WMV files with audio encoded using WMAPRO audio. The audio track will not play on the WD HD Live but will play on my PC. I am using Tversity media server and I think I have tried Twonky as well but somewhere in the media server to WD Live, the sound is not being decoded .  Anyone have any ideas?  

Some one stated that the WD disk contained several codecs but I could not find them on the CD that came with my WD Live unit.

One of the sample files entitled Stormchasers is here:(1080P version)

Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

Its probably just that the WDTV cannot decode wma pro.

You could try converting the file to .mkv using this converter. Its quick to do.

WMV Converter, convert a WMV container with VC1 / WMA Pro 5.1 to a MKV container with VC1 / AC3 5.1. Video stream is copied, the audio stream is converted. Conversion in one step, as fast as copying your WMV file.


Thanks for the suggestion.  I installed the stream splitter and the convertor per theinstructions on the Snipper link page.

The conversion appeared to  take place without incidence and apparently converted the audio to AC3 as indicated on by the WD Player when play begins–playing the converted MKV file.

The audio just begins to play and abruptly stops at the beginning with no video being shown. 

Again, no errors in the WMV conversion process but the converterd file will not play. Apparenty when the streams are split to convert the audio, something else happens.