No audio via HDMI connection

WDTVLive Streaming Media player connected via HDMI with plasma TV Panasonic Viera TX-PR50C10.

Good video but no sound at all. How to solve the problem?  If anyone knows pls explain detailed

You probably need to set your audio mode to STEREO.

stereo in TV or in player? And how to do it?

On the SMP select    Setup > Audio/Video Output > Audio Output > Stereo

Done. No result

Is there sound for any of your files.

Try the 2nd HMDI Input on your TV (The TX-PR50C10 has 2 HDMI Inputs)

Switch off your TV 1st before changing Inputs (then switch back on)

Secondly, Have you tried a different HDMI Cable ?

Thirdly, just as a test … try the supplied Composite Cable (Yellow/Red/White) and see if you get audio

Yes it perfectly goes via AVI (3 tulips) connection

so, the files are ok then… have you tried the HDMI suggestions i posted above

Also, if the above is to no avail … have you got another TV with HDMI ?  (or a friends or neighbour)

Another HDMI slot is a satellite TV and works OK.  Tried to change inputs - no result - TV works on both - SMP - no sound on both.  3 cables tried - no result. Composite cable ( 3 tulips) works perfect via AVI input

well, i’m all out of ideas :cry:

last idea i can offer … do a factory reset

Setup > System > Device Reset > Reset All Settings Back to Factory Default

All I can think is its either software, as in the HDMI selection sound option is doing nothing, or its the files using a strange audio output that gets downsampled by the component side.

There are numerous threads on Google reference no sound via HDMI, but that usually boils down to DTS not working on unsupported TVs and Amplifiers, I doubt an Avi has DTS though.