No Audio over HDMI in 12bit deep color mode - WDTV LIVE

Hope someone can figure this one out,
when I play a .MKV with AAC/AC3/DTS audio in 8bit HDMI deep color mode the sound works flawless, but when i change it to 12bit deep color mode the audio is gone. I have audio on a regular dvd rip in .AVI in both modes. And if i connect my computer speakers with mini-jack to the AV-out I get audio in both modes. Screen resolution: 1080p 60Hz YCbCr (I have tried changing resolution and color spacing with no luck)

I find this really strange and annoying ! !

Changing audio settings between Digital or Stereo has no effect.

Both HDMI cable and the TV is in compliance with HDMI v1.3
I’m using a Monster 1000 HDX HDMI cable on a Mitsubishi rear projection DLP TV (WD-65833)
Running firmware v1.01.17

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance !


Sorry no ideas, but with a nice display like that you really need a home theater setup with optical audio input.

The high quality audio signal sent via HDMI to the TV and then output stereo to 2 x 10 Watt speakers cannot be very satisfactory.

there are different versions of HDMI technology/capabilities.

i know for a fact theres 1.3, then theres 1.3a and 1.3b(i think) an otheres, all which have their own abilities, just like ethernet cables have CAT5/5a/5e and CAT6/6a/6e

audio over 12bit might not be compaitible with just a 1.3 cable.

you’d have to do some more resarch but im sure thats what the issue is.

but the color depth isnt really an issue if you have your screen propery calibrated, look for your tv model on here they post the calibration settings for all their HDTV reviews for a perfect picture.

Thank you for responses,

Monster is referring to specifications that goes beyond the HDMI v1.3 standard. (14bit color depth)

I’m aware that there is different versions of the 1.3 standard, but to my knowledge the TV should support all of them.

TV image is calibrated, and everything is working flawless with bluray.

I know this is a minor problem, but when the hardware is suppose to handle it, you want to do it 100% not 90%…


Same here - but tested to a DVD on ac3 enabled harman kardon receiver…

With 12 bit / digital no sound would go out to the optics. HDMI 8bits color works just fine. It is NOT HDMI 1.3 issue as the ac-3 must go out the fibre when digital is selected…