No Audio on a MKV file

First of all i’d like to say hallo to all the forum.


I have a no audio on some mkv file.

Theese are the details of the audio track.

Can somenone confirm that the Hub don’t support theese specified or it’s will be fixed?

Thanks for now.

Codec ID : A_AC3
Canali (contenitore): 6
Frequenza : 48000 Hz
Stream size : 772,495,360 bytes
Bitrate (contenitore): 640 kbps
AC-3 frames : 301756
Durata : 02:40:56 (9656.192 s)
Bitrate (bitstream): 640 kbps CBR


Codec ID : A_DTS
Canali (contenitore): 6
Frequenza : 48000 Hz
Stream size : 1,822,304,484 bytes
Bitrate (contenitore): 1509.75 kbps

I am not too sure about the codecs, but sometimes I have mkv files that have no sound as well.  I have found out that if you press the mute button twice the sound will work.  I have no idea why this is but that fixes it for me.