No Audio in downloaded videos from Youtube

I downloaded some videos from Youtube, but they changed audio format to OGG now it seems   They play fine, but no audio.  It shows audio: unknown.  Then i cheked the videos with “Mediainfo” and shows Audio coded OGG.  What can i do? I thought the media player supported Ogg.

JCF2009 wrote: I thought the media player supported Ogg.

It is supported … but Not in a Video File

Appendix 210 & 211 … No OGG for Video

Appendix 212 … OGG supported Audio Only

JCF2009 wrote:  What can i do?

re-encode the Audio to a supported format … very easy to do

eg.  avidemux     select Video > Copy … Audio > AAC



I use 4k Video Downloader … and select MP4 which Video and Audio is WDTV compatible

selecting MKV … is the problem (Ogg Vorbis Audio) and VP9 which isnt supported either ?

if you really need MKV … download the MP4 and remux to MKV using MKVMerge

Thanks for the comprensive help, i’ll try it.

I have the same problem before but failed to figure a way out. Now I get used to using a screen recorder for PC to save YouTube audios in the format I like.