No audio icon when playing movie

Hello all, i had this thing working days ago, then i must’ve messed something up when i re-organized my movies. Movies play but before they start an icon of a speaker with a lined through circle over it (no audio) appears.

i attempted to D/L the firmware update, put the unzipped files on a usb drive and re-installed per the pdf manual and then rebooted the drive to no avail.

The only files on the drive are 2 subdirectories i made for movies and some kind of ‘twonky media server-log.txt’ file (and now a ‘usb_sync’  subdir since i upgraded via the aforementioned usb update).

I’m using the typical red/white rca audio cable from the drive to same audio input on my home theater AV reciever. The cable is fine and works with other devices.

The audio of the drive is set to stereo. I don’t know what else to do,

Please advise!



You’ve MUTED the Hub.   Press the MUTE Key when playback starts.  

I knew it had to operator failure to some degree…;>)

I also unplugged the power for a few minutes and when powered back on, the ‘new firmware’ menu came up and it is now updating…

Many thanks from a dummie…!