No Audio! HDMI connection

Just purchased the unit. Can’t get the audio to play. Connected via HDMI cable to TV directly. Video is excellent. No music plays, videos are silence. Is there a secret mute button on the remote? If I can’t use the HDMI and get both video and audio than that is kind of a show stopper. Any suggestions? I unplugged the cable, stopped, replugged (multiple times) and restarted the unit. Video OK Sound None.

Help? Suggestions? Is it a bad unit?

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tried setting audio output to stereo in av settings?

Tried both Stereo and digital but no sound. The files have played on this TV and this HDMI cord using a competing product. The video is much better the WD TV Live but not much use without audio!

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Returned. Got different unit and all is good!

I am having similar problem with my unit. Played for 2 hours and the sound was gone (using HDMI). I have also done a firmware upgrade but nothing sitll no audio. Tomorrow have to go back to the shop to change for another unit.

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Problem solved, have to wait for one night. The next day I try again before going to the shop and exchange another unit but the next morning it worked. Last night no matter what I tried it did not work. My thoery is that there might be some glitch that the connection memorised and takes 1 night for the memory to clear  up before the audio works again. ???

So weird. Maybe it was a defective unit.

Recieved my WD TV Live Plus HD Media Player,firmware version 1.03.29_B. Couldn’t wait to hook it to my Vizio SV421XVT 42" 1080P LCD 240Hz TV before I had a chance to run to the store and buy another HDMI cable. Hooked it up via the component and A/V cables supplied with the unit and all worked great in 720P. Netflix, Youtube, & TVersity media server.

Bought a BRAND NEW HDMI cable, Phillips 1080P Full HD/audio 1.3a/b cable. Great looking 1080P HD video but I had NO DIGITAL AUDIO THROUGH THE HDMI CABLE. Settings were good, HDMI (Auto), 8-bit, widescreen & Digital audio. Thought I had a bad cable but got no joy from the other 4 HDMI cables that I had either. Suspected that it might be a defective unit or incompatibility with my Vizio TV as I had some intermittant success with a bedroom Samsung 720P LCD TV. Spent half the night pulling what little hair I have left out of my head!

Sent a support request through the WDC e-mail support page and waited for a response. After reading through the posts on here I didn’t know whether I was going to get a response or not.

In the mean time, I returned the Phillips cable and bought a Vizio Ultra-High Speed 10.2 Gps HDMI cable. I believe that it is a 1.4 version cable with the “latest” technology. 3D ready, Audio Return Channel, Deep Color, X.V. Color, Dolby TruHD, 4k x 2k, DTS-HD Audio, Lip Sync Tech, Lossless Audio, 1080P Full HD, 240Hz ready with Ethernet. Figured it was overkill but what the heck.

Followed my normal routine…

  1. Insured settings were correct; HDMI (Auto), 8-bit, widescreen, Digital audio

  2. Powered down TV

  3. Powered down and UNPLUGGED the WDTV

  4. Installed HDMI cable between WDTV & HDMI1 on TV

    a. Removed component cables if attached

  1. Plugged WDTV into power strip.

  2. Turned on TV as WDTV was booting.

To my surprise, I finally had audio through the HDMI cable! Checked Netflix, Youtube, & TVersity media server and had sound with every movie, clip & video that I accessed. Working well as I write this. Hopefully the new, latest, greatest cable will do the trick. In my particular case I believe that a 1.4 or at least 1.3c cable is needed for compatibilty with my Vizio TV.

In addition, WDC tech support did get back to me with possible fixes within 12 hours, however I had already solved my problem. Among their fixes was using a 1.3c or 1.4 HDMI cable and of course they blamed the TV!

I got a $3 unmarked cable from Wal-Mart which works perfectly. Just goes to show.

richUK wrote:

I got a $3 unmarked cable from Wal-Mart which works perfectly.


I’m not a Wal-Mart hater like some (shop there frequently, in fact) but the idea of it in the Mother Country depresses me more than I can say (couldn’t you have something like “Queen’s Mart” or some such?)

mkelley wrote:


richUK wrote:

I got a $3 unmarked cable from Wal-Mart which works perfectly.




I’m not a Wal-Mart hater like some (shop there frequently, in fact) but the idea of it in the Mother Country depresses me more than I can say (couldn’t you have something like “Queen’s Mart” or some such?)

Actually its not generally called Wal-Mart in the UK, I just Americanised it. Its actually called ASDA, which used to stand for Associated Dairies however it is now owned by Wal-Mart.

Well, however weird it is that makes me feel better .

This the second WD TV Live Media Player PLUS I have purchased and the audio doesn’t work with the HDMI connection. The first media player worked for a little bit before it stopped working and the second one did not work at all.  I am fixing to send this one back also but everytime I do its $10 for shipping. Therse players were purchased from NewEgg. The HDMI cable woks fine with my other media players so I know the cable is good.  Are there just a bad batch of media players out there? Does anyone else have any suggestions?  I like this player but I may have to resort to another brand if I can’t get it to work.

Welcome to the forums.

So the audio works with component and/or composite?

Yes, sound works for the other connections except HDMI. I have been reading post in other websites also about replacing these media players with one that works. I just don’t want to go through the shipping expense to return them until I get a good one. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Just to be sure, in your Live audio/video settings you DO have it set for “stereo” and not “digital”, correct?

Hi!!! I have the WD TV Media Player Model WD00AVP and I have problems with the sound when I try to play BlueRay files (mkv) that have DTS audio. Video output is excellent. Other mkv files (not BluRay) have no problem. The player is connected to the TV with HDMI cable. It doesn’t play with either digital or stereo audio output setting. Can you please help?

Zen, you’re posting in the forum for the Live/Live+.  You might want to post in the WDTV Forum, but to give you an answer:  I don’t think the original WDTV’s supported DTS at all, do they?