No Activation Code for WD2GO and WD Photos on iphone 4S

First off i have the WDH1NC10000A My Book World Edition, yes its up todate with firmware and the box says it can use the iPhone app.

I am having problems getting the activation code for the WD2go and WD Photos apps for my iPhone.  I download and install the App then follow the directions in the “guide me” section to get the activation code but find that I cannot access my activation code via the MyBook World Edion dashboard (as described as the source for the code in the directions). When I go to the Dashboard, go to Setings, and click on “remote access” i get this only

Home | Remote Access Status: Started | Registered
Enable MioNet on Startup
Stop MioNet
Restart MioNet
Reset MioNet
**Note:** 1. **MioNet Drive Access software included free of charge** - Simply and securely access files on your network storage device from anywhere. 2. [Create MioNet account]( 3. [MioNet login](

(end page of drive)

I am really confused on how I am supposed to access the content on my hard drive with my iPhone when i cant get to the activation code to use the WDPhotos and WD2go apps on my phone at this point and am about ready to return the hard drive.

Please provide some assistance as im so wanting this hard drive and dont want to return it but looks like ill have too.

I don’t believe the MBWE’s support WD2Go.

Yup. MBW has Mionet for remote connection.

The My Book Live had an update to remove mionet and get WD 2Go.