No access to WD Cloud EX2

Dear all,
I have the problem that I can not connect anymore to my external storage of WD Cloud EX2.
I am not an expert on computers but I have tried the following:

Connection which I had via windows is now failing
My Cloud is still working though
Dashboard is not availabe anymore
I changed the router which did not make a difference
I changed the ethernet cables which did not solve the problem
The problem persist also with other computers
Also re-installing the WD Cloud Ex2 via the install programm manager did not work

A while ago the problem occurred, But I could make a work arround by adding the connection in to favorites of windows explorer. Now this does not work anymore.

What can I do?
This is really annoying as I can not access all my files directly.


How about resetting the unit. Since you were changing routers, might be good to reset the unit.

Try a physical reset.