No Access to Samba-Shares with Linux specialthe


I have a simple file server with Samba on Linux and for the test play with WD TV Live

without any firewalls. Also different shares protected with one username and password.

The access with WD TV Live is not clear. I can reach the Linux server,

but after the enter of username and password, i get the answer “no connection”.

The access from Linux, Mac and Windows on the Linux machine and corresponding

shares with the same configured username and password works very good.

My questions are:

  1. What is the standard workgroup-name, that WD TV Live wants. Perhaps WD TV Live is awaiting for a special name?

  2. How knows the WD TV Live the correct share name? I think only username and password is too few.

  3. How detect WD TV Live the shares?

  4. Has the WD TV Live name a special function?

Thank you …