No access to Public Folder


When drive is on it appears in the network folder as storage, but when you click on the icon it just opens the dashboard.
How do I get access to the storage folder on the drive


I think I know what is going wrong for you, and it is pretty simple:, so here goes . . .

You are clicking on the wrong link and this is why you see the Dashboard, because that’s what that link will do. You need to click on the correct link, To find it, this is what you must do

In Windows File Explorer, notice on the left-side pane tne label for folder for “Network”, open that link and you should see your MPW appear on the screen by name. Click on that to open it and you should see all folders in the MPW device. Find the folder you are looking for (Storage) and open it to get done what you want to do in that folder…


Thankyou, that was an easy fix .


Glad yiur problem is solved, but it was not a “fix”, it was proper usage of File Explorer.