No access to Dash Board

I purchased 2nos of hard drives and have replaced with degraded hard drive.
However, the LED indicators shows red for both drives.

And I cannot access to the dash board.
I try reset for 4seconds and 40 seconds.
Both still does not work.

We asked the technical support.
They keep sending the same instruction which does not work.

Is there any other way to resetting?
The instruction shows use ping in case not accessible to the dash board.
but there is no detailed instruction about how to use ping.

OS is Mac. There are Windows machine on the network.

There is no reply from the support team.
WD Case (061719-13896139)
WD Case (060819-13878431)

Hey @sugamat,

If you have already tried the 4 sec and 40 second reset, still the device does not changes in the LED, then only other way to perform a Full System and Disk restore is using the dashboard.

Try accessing the dashboard using the IP address. Below are the instructions to find the IP address -

  • Type “CMD” on the Windows Search bar and open Command Prompt.
  • Type command “arp -a” and hit Enter. Now Several MAC address will populate beside the IP addresses on the right. (Find the MAC address on the bottom of your Device) match the Mac Address and and you will come to know the IP address of the Device.
  • Now Type the IP address on the browser and access the dashboard.

If the above mentioned steps doesnt work, connect the Device directly to a computer using the Ethernet cable and access “Network” in File Explorer on windows (Locations on Mac OSX) and backup the data if the files are accessible.

Hope the above mentioned steps resolves the issue. If not go for Data Recovery,

Thanks. I can access to the dash board now.

Hey @sugamat,

Before performing a “System and Disk Restore”, make sure you backup all the data from the My Cloud Device to another location, as this process will erase all of it.

To access the data locally, go to “Network” section in File Explorer and find your device. If device is not visible, Access the data using the IP Address. Find the Steps below:

  1. Right-Click on Home Scree, click on “New” then “Create Shortcut”
  2. Under Location of the Item type , “\(IP address of My Cloud)”, Click on “Next” then “Finish”.
  3. After the above steps are done, You will see the Shortcut on the Desktop.
  4. Access the data and backup to a different location.