No access to certain directories

Hi all,

I’m pretty new to all this Nas stuff, so this issue might sound silly or even stupid to some of you.


I have my WD Nas for a few weeks now, and I only use it from my iMac or MacBook.

When I create a directory on the Nas when I’m behind my iMac, that same directory is, obviously, also available when I’m behind my MacBook, but I can’t put files into it when I’m behind my MacBook. 

On both computer I use the same credentials to access the Nas. I used to have different users set up for the Nas, but I got rid of that (one user for the iMac, and one for the MacBook) because it made no sense after all. I am the only person accessing the Nas, so what’s the point of using different users…?

But still, I cannot put files in the directory I created via my iMac when I’m behind my MacBook.

This MacBook is my company’s MacBook, so I have a different login compared to my iMac which is mine.

Could that make any difference to the scenario?

I must say I get a bit annoyed about this because the only way to get around the issue is to copy my files from the MacBook to the iMac, and then I can copy (from the iMac) to the desired direcory on my Nas. It seems as if the user on the iMac has all privileges and on the MacBook it is limited, but I use the same user credentials on both my MacBook and the iMac.

So does anyone have a clue or answer to this issue.

This is weird, it should not matter which username you use to login to the computer.  By any chance you receive an error message when trying to copy files from your MacBook?  

You mention that this is your work computer, maybe a security software installed on it could be interferring.

Hi Vadlr,

The error message I get when copying files (and holding down the Alt-key) is this one:

Error message

But when I try to copy the same files to a nested folder (inside the folder wich thinks I have no permissions) it will actually copy them. And when I try to move these copied files one folder up, well you guessed it, that won’t work.

I’m puzzled…

No, there is no security software installed on my MacBook.

Hello Vladr,

Another strange thing happened the other day. You know I could not copy files into a directory because that folder ‘thinks’ I have not the required permissions.

I opened the files in Photoshop (the files are actually photos), and without any alteration I saved them one by one to the folder where I can’t copy files to. 

So why can’t I copy these files, but can I save them to that folder without any warning.

B.T.W. I can’t copy ANY file to that folder, not only photos.

Try connect to the MBLD using SMB and see if the problem persists.  (Through the SAMBA service)


Connect through SMB? How do I do that?

Alas all my computers have a Microsoft operating system. How to do whis is documented somewhere within these forums but you can connectyour apple hardware either through AFS or SMB.  File sharing through the SAMBA (SMB) service may work-round the problem.