No access after firmware update with error

I have update the Firmware of MBLive and during restart got a error message, something like “restart failed, try to restart manually” so I did that and now:
-the LED is green (a good start)
-I can access the drive on my iMac (but very slow)

  • but I can’t login on mybooklive.local - get always the message “You don’t have the permission to access /UI on this server”
    I did already a reset by pushing the reset  buttom on the drive - but without any success
    Before the Firmware update everithing was working perfect, just wanted to use the iPad App so did the update…
    I’m sure not only me have the problem but was not able to find the correct answer in th ecommunity.
    Thank you for your help! 

I suggest you to try using another browser, or computer, to compare results.  If you have the same issues I suggest you to have it replaced, since you already tried a manual reset and is not possible to reset it to factory defaults since you do not have access to the dashboard.