No 9 digit code on MyBook

The number does not exist on my hardware and I no longer have Quick Setup Card. Trying to access files remotely and having a terribly difficult time.

There are no 9-digit codes, nor is there any type of remote file access for My Book external drives.

So how do I use My Book Home? It requires the digits.

Are you talking about the My Cloud Home?

If so, the code will be on the hardware label.

If it’s not there, then you probably don’t have a My Cloud Home. If that’s the case, post the Part Number shown on the label.

Yes I mean My Cloud Home. Can i use it with My Book hard drive? I’m trying to access files on My Book remotely and can’t figure it out. If I can’t use My Cloud Home with my current hardware, is there another way? There is no activation code on my My Book. Only a serial number.