No 5.1 Audio or Flac ( Now Sorted )

Bought this player and out of the box let it update  the firmware. When I then came to use it I found two problems. Firstly all films will only play in stereo whether streamed or from usb. Secondly I can play Flac files via usb but not by streaming. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Paul

Go double-check the AUDIO settings.

Needs to be either HDMI or OPTICAL passthrough for anything other than stereo.

  I can play Flac files via usb but not by streaming.

And what happens when you try via streaming?

Hi, I have tried via optical and via hdmi passthrough in the settings but to no avail. When I try to stream Flac files it just bypasses them and plays the last mp3 that I played.

At the moment I have the player connected to my Tv via HDMI and the sound to my receiver (Pioneer Vsx Lx53) via optical. I have tried the optical passthrough by ticking all the audio outputs for my receiver. Still only stereo.

What are you streaming FROM?  A Media Server, or a Network Share?

I believe I’ve tried both but the last time I tried network share

I have now got audio to play 5.1 Dts and Dolby Digital but only via Hdmi. For some reason I can’t get 5.1 via a Qed optical cable. I need a few more issues  answering I will ask in a different thread. So thanks for the help guys really appreciate it.

Thanks Paul

Just to add further I have actually had Flac files streaming today. I’ve spent all day playing with this so need to backtrack on thing I’ve actally done.