No 3g connection

Hi to everybody.

Just bought the My Cloud 4TB.

Connected and upgraded to the latest firmware.

Everything’s fine on my personal wifi network, both with pc and my android device.

But if I try to connect via 3G, the app simply freezes and the shows the spinner for 3-5 minutes until a popup comes out and says “impossible to connect”.

I rebooted also the router: NOTHING.

WD claims that the simplicity is the must have of this new HD…It’s a NIGHTMARE. How can I use the HD if I am out of my home network? I bought it just for this reason because I am always out and abroad for my job…

sad, sad, sad…

See if this gets you anywhere:

I tried all the steps. My WD seems to be ok. Still nothing via 3G…

Moreover the language of the app  now has changed to French after a reboot of the phone instead of my native one…

I have many dirty words in my language to express my dissatisfaction right now…

Thank you anyway for trying…

check if upnp is running/enabled on your router

Wow. You went thru all of that in less than 20 minutes? I wrote it, and I don’t think *I* could do it that fast. So the results of Step 5 were…?

Well. I am not a noob in PC and network. That does not mean I am superman. But all the steps mentioned in that post are easy to check and are all correct. The buddy who made it did a great job.

Regarding step 5, if everything is ok with the router and WD, it takes 5 minutes, not more.

And I have all ok.

In my opinion the new firmware whom changelog says “corrected 3G bug” is still buggy. Full stop. The only way is to wait for WD to make a new firmware, hopefully working.

@ alirz1: yes, upnp is working and on.

I’ve checked the release notes and there is no mention of 3G issues. It’s impossible for the Cloud to know how you’re connecting, anyway.

What release notes are you reading?

Umm, just checked, I can’t reach it via 3G either. Cloud works from my work, but not on3G :slight_smile:

Btw I checked EVERYTHING you wrote and didnt took 10 mins. :\ When you wrote “skip to” i skipped…

Firmware Version 03.01.04 -139
Resolved Issues:
•  Resolved issue to access shares through remote web access from Windows XP computers.
•  Resolved issue in some instances where Twonky® does not correctly scan for media files
•  Resolved issue of slow file transfer performance orintermittent remote web access connection
•  Resolved issue of USB external drives that are not mountable when connected to the My Cloud USB expansion port.
•  Resolved issue of WD My Cloud™ mobile app is not able to connect to the My Cloud drive

In my opinion they are referring to 3G in the last point and many other users in other forums are reporting the same issue I have.

If not, meaning that they fixed a general bug with the app, THEY STILL HAVE TO FIND OUT WHY WE CANNOT ACCESS!

I think y’all are nuts…   There’s NO 3G ISSUE on the Cloud’s firmware.

Maybe there’s an app issue specific to your platform, but the drive itself has no clue how you happen to be on the internet.   

The way you’re describing it, ONLY 3G users would have an issue.   4G, 4GLTE, EDGE, GSM, etc… would have no problem.

MBL might not have a problem, but my cloud… :slight_smile:

D’oh!  Edited.  :)

Btw, now it is working well with 3G, deleted every port forwards, and put back the same ones again, 21,80,443.

If you’re using manual port forwarding, then make sure you also set the Cloud Access ports to manual in the Cloud NAS UI – otherwise UPnP may take priority or do other screwy stuff.

Done that already when I started the first time :slight_smile:

After a series of WD manual reboots, a deep check of my router Netgear DGN2200 settings (untouched) and three manual reboot of it, the 3G connection on my phone started again to work…

Well, happy of course, but how long does it last? I am afraid of rebooting…(not on purpose, but just for power shortage for example…)