Nikon Z 6 RAW import


Just switched from Olympus MFT to a Nikon Z 6. I’ve previously relied on the My Passport Wireless SSD for mobile backup of my images when I don’t have my laptop with me. Unfortunately for the Nikon Z 6 it only seems to import the JPG files. RAW files aren’t even displayed on the external storage when the camera is connected to the SSD. Any chance the Z 6/7 series will be supported via a firmware update in the near future?


Hi bertlmike,

We’re not promised for the future update but unfortunately, Nikon Z 6 is not present in thumbnail RAW image support list for My Passport Wireless Pro SSD at this time. You may refer below article for more details.


Hey WD, the LATEST firmware for both the My Passport Wireless Pro (HDD) and SDD models are now OVER A YEAR old.

All 8 models/capacities (HDD + SSD) are still listed as current products. At least 7 of these are readily available from most major electronics retailers.

Adding raw support for new mainstream cameras should go without question unless you have abandoned these My Passport Wireless products. What’s the deal?