Nikon PHOTO NEF Support

I have D810 Nikon and am traveling and want to upload images daily, including Video and NEF RAW files. These can be 36MB and larger each. I’d like to upload automatically every nite.What product supports this and what apps do I need. I was thinking WDU EX2.

Upload from what? A computer? A mobile device? Will you be uploading to a remote My Cloud? Or will you be uploading on the local network to a local My Cloud?

If you are interested in the EX2 see the dedicated EX2 subforum where people more familiar with that device may be able to answer any questions on that device.

The WD mobile apps for iOS and Android do support copying of certain video/still image files across a WiFi or cellular data connection.

The WD Sync program will sync data from a computer to a local or remote My Cloud device. Note that WD Sync has been problematic for some users. If one is only syncing or backing up to a local My Cloud there are a number of third party sync and backup programs that one can use to move data to the My Cloud.

Thanks for the response, I want to upload images when traveling from my
NIKON D810 to a remote My Cloud EX2 at the end of the day.
Image size varies from 36MB each, 500- 1,000 a day.
Type files are raw .NEF files, JPEG and MP4 videos.
I will have access to WIFI or use my hotspot on Verizon.

What means are you thinking of for getting files from your Nikon?

There are no apps for running directly on anything other than pc, Mac, Android or iOS devices.

What protocols does the Nikon support for image upload?

Upload how? Using what method? FTP or other method?

WD does not have an app for cameras that would allow one to upload files to a remote My Cloud. Only the WD app for Android/iOS and the web portal allow for remote access to upload. FTP is another option but FTP is an insecure protocol.

Hi there,

I have a Nikon D810 myself and photograph in .NEF format. And I stored all my pictures to my MyCloud EX2 Ultra (using the MyCloud app and the interface via Safari), only to find out that neither supports .NEF.
That‘s right, any simple cloud storage can work with .NEF (including Apple Files on the iCloud and even something as simple as Apple Photos can work with it), but not WD. You will see all your files as unrecognized files, and unless you know which file number is which picture, you will have a hell of a time working with them from the WD MyCloud.
So if you only want to store the files and not work with them until you get back to your own LAN (where you can use other apps than WD MyCloud to acess your cloud drive), WD is fine. After all, in my opinion they produce one of the best quality drives on the market and you don’t need any special knowledge for setting things up.
But if you want to work with your photos while still under way, look for a cloud solution such as iCloud or Google Cloud and wait for WD to improve their product.
By the way, just in case you are working with Apple products: the WD MyCloud app does not work with the Apple Files App. So in Files, you will not see the WD drive and if you work with an iPad and a product such as Affinity Photo, you will not be able to import or open photos from your WD drive but will have to copy them to and from another location first.

I was originally hoping I could access my WD drive from any place outside my LAN with any other app than the WD MyCloud app. Particularly the FileBrowser App. But I haven’t managed that yet. I don‘t know how exactly they do it, but the WD MyCloud app knows the location from the drive and how to access it, probably using some special URL or something. But I couldn‘t figure out yet what it is and couldn‘t „feed“ this information to the FileBrowser app. Otherwise, that would have been the solution to the problem, as FileBrowser does work with the Apple Files app and it does recognize .NEF.

I have taken my chances, hoping WD will soon offer solutions for both flaws (integration in Files and recognition of .NEF), because I like their products, as said. It‘s up to you if you want to do the same.

Good luck.

Wow , great summary. Couple of questions…When you pull the files when you return home are you able to see .NEF raw detail on your Mac or pc and work with them in a photo app as raw. Is there any lost info or data in the process. Like you I’m a fan of the EX2 but don’t want to lose any fidelity. At the same time, I need a solution to get files from the D810 to a remote location to avoid any loses in my travels. What do you use to get from D810 SD to EX2. I want to avoid a lot of moving parts and dragging a laptop around. Possibly a portable WD drive and wifi. Would like to share D810 thoughts too.

I never had any problems with loss of any data. Although I must say that there is certain exif data I never use or look at, so I wouldn’t notice if some of that went lost.
As for the raw data themselves, I never had any problema. I used to work with Aperture, moved my complete library of some 27.000 pictures to my MyCloud on the EX2 and didn’t notice any loss.
As for transferring data from the D810 to any form of drive (portable hard drive or cloud), I don’t think that really is something for this forum but rather something for the Nikon community to answer. As I don’t travel that much and use a 64gb SD card plus a 64gb CF card in the D810, I have quite a few pics I can take before running out of space, even at 36mb per pic.
I nowadays use my iPad Pro for everything I do and have an SD card adapter for it. That gives me the opportunity to take the card from the D810, hook it on the iPad and then load it to either the iPad or from there to my WD MyCloud.

As you say you are a WD EX2 fan, I would say go for it. As I wrote before, there are some things not (yet) as any Nikon photographer would wish, but I’ve seen quite some questions on this forum for improvements. So a new version of the MyCloud app might give us everything we want. If not, there are ways to work yourself around these problems.

Good luck.


Again, thanks for the input. I’ll bite and go for EX2. Would you recommend Ultra? and do you use Plex?

Also, is there a low tech copy for the SD card, small WD product or…that I can use in the field and then sync via wifi or hot spot. I don’t have an apple product, pc with LR and PS.


Have you looked at the WD Passport Wireless Pro for Photographers
The pre-sales line said it would import automatically from an SD card and sync via wireless to EX2.

It seems an easy and quick way… have you looked at it.

I’ll do more research.

I just looked at the My Passport Pro Wireless 2TB and it says it supports RAW files.

Hi again,

Sorry, I have no experienced with any other products than the ones I mentioned in my answers.
Note that it is not the EX2 or any other drive that doesn’t support .NEF, it‘s just the MyCloud app and the browser interface. If you have any product that doesn’t need either of these, thing will work just fine, I guess.
Please also note that raw isn’t raw. Check with WD if the raw file support from any device includes .NEF.
If the wireless passport can take an SD card, then that sounds like what I do with my iPad. Hook up the SD card with the device to load the files and from there transfer the files to the EX2 Ultra. Works.

What ‘support’ are you expecting a hard disk drive or NAS to provide for RAW files?

A HDD will store whatever files you throw at it; it does not care what format they are.

Likewise, a NAS file server will store whatever files you care to throw at it.

‘Support’ for particular file types is provided by applications, not storage devices. Those applications might be media servers, remote access portals, file managers, etc.