Nightly power loss

I set up my EX2100 two nights ago and it’s getting a power loss each night. I have other devices attached to the same power source and they are experiencing no power loss. It’s happened each night around 3:45 AM. The report from the prior night reads:

Power loss detected
Power loss detected on port 1.
Monday, 2017 March 06, 3:43:06 AM

The timing may be coincidental as I’ve been moving files to the drives and they may just have been finishing the move at about the same time each night. I suspect it my be going into hibernate or some similar automated mode about this time and having issues when it wakes but that’s just a guess.

I have the drives set up in a JBOD Configuration so that they are not backing each other up, but working as one large drive. Whenever the drive resets it goes into a cycle of continually rebooting. The lights go blue, they pause for 1-2 seconds and then everything goes red and the system reboots. It will do this for hours if I let it, never going fulling active.

If I pull one drive, it will boot with the single drive that’s left. When I add the second drive back into the mix it’s fine and the drives register as healthy and it functions perfectly until the next night. It’s almost like, upon a reboot, it doesn’t know which drive to read as the primary and just keeps resetting.

Any help or advice. I’m not a network administrator kind of guy. Just setting this up to store a ton of big files and planning to back it all up to a USB 8 TB drive once the setup is stabilized.


Side note, running firmware 2.21.126.


This is not normal. I recommend you to perform a system only restore on your WD My Cloud. Take a look at the user’s manual for instructions on how to restore the drive without deleting any of the files.

I just did as you advised. It has the power failure at 3:48 AM each night. I’ll see if it happens again tonight.

That said, the system only restore did not go as anticipated either. When it restarted, it would fire up the drives blue (as expected) then shut down. Where it would just go into a constant restart cycle before, each time I turn it on now it attempts to fire up and then shuts down. Only removing drive 2 allowed it to start. Once drive one was up and checked I can re-insert drive 2 and everything is stable and works as expected.

Strangeness continues!

For anyone encountering a similar situation, over the next few days the drive continued to fail to boot and in the end one of the two internal drives failed. I ended up working with customer support and getting a replacement for the entire unit.