Nighthawk OpenVPN MyCloudEX2 connection issue

Our company is attempting to setup a remote backup from the office to my home to create a redundant set of backup data in case of catastrophe. Both the office and home use a Nighthawk V7000 router and MyCloudEX2. I discovered that my home IPS (Verizon) does not allow static IP in our building. Then I came across a WD OpenVPN topic and thought this would fit the need. Well, I have successfully been able to connect OpenVPN and can see both the office and home EX2’s at home, but cannot see the home (remote backup) EX2 from work.

I’ve tried a multitude on port forwarding, IP addresses, etc., but to no avail. Thoughts?


I haven’t try this yet. However, check if you have a firewall at work that might be blocking the connection.

Let’s see if any of the users can share some additional information about it.

Yes it could be firewall port might be blocking outgoing connections which is standard security measure which Security team only open the port necessary for in-house application to interact with outside www.

So you might need to allow your home Remote IP and Port if customized.

It was not that easy to reach remote Dashboard and need’s a lot of portforwarding working router.