Nice Program to monitor your Wireless

This worked great for me, but I live in a Condo with people all around me, so your results may vary. This helped not only with download speed off the internet, but resolved some stuttering I saw while trying to play movies over my wireless network.

I was having problems with my Time Warner Internet, I was “supposed” to be getting up to 15MBs down and 2Mbs up. I was getting the 2MBs up, but only about 6MB down…

Of course you never really see these type of speeds, the best I was getting was about 500kbs down on a torrent or FTP download, but on speed tests it was showing poor speeds.

I called the Time Warner support line, which was pointless because they usually hire people too stupid to run a fry bin at McDonalds to do their support, I started checking my gear.

Everything was new as I just updated to Wireless N, so I decided to see if there was a **bleep**load of overlap on the wireless channel I was on. I downloaded inSSIDer:

Sure enough, I was on channel 1, and so were about 5 other people. The channel for my wireless router was so saturated I was amazed I was getting any signal at all.

Using inSSIDer it showed me that channel 5 had less overlap, but hardly anyone close to me was on 11, and I would have it pretty much to myself (at least in my area).

After I switched my wireless channel to 11, I ran another speed test: 14.7MBs Down. I then tested downloading a torrent and a file from the Dream server: 1.7MBs to 2MBs, up from 500kbs

So it was a nice increase in speed, at least for me. Maybe this will help someone else out here.