NIC 1 Down

Hello everyone. I’ve had a MyBookWorldEdition II (White stripe) for about 9 months now and haven’t had any problems with it. I use it to serve music and videos to both my desktop computer and my media center which is plugged into my TV. Recently however, we started to notice that when watching videos, the video would pause for a few seconds then resume. Then I noticed it started to happen with the music. I looked in the system logs, and I see that there are many repetitions of these error messages:

05/01 10:08:35 MyBookWorld wixEvent[3820]: Network IP Address - NIC 1 got IP address from DHCP server.

05/01 10:08:35 MyBookWorld wixEvent[3820]: Network Link - NIC 1 link is up 100 Mbps full duplex.

05/01 10:08:28 MyBookWorld daemon.warn wixEvent[3820]: Network Link - NIC 1 link is down.

It’s sometimes so bad it becomes useless to me, I can’t get a full song out before it starts cutting out on me. Does anyone know what’s causing this and how I can fix it? As I said it worked fine for months, and it’s only just now happening.

Thats a new error message to me. If you havent had the issue resolved yet, is it possible that you post a screen shot of the exact error message? It would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Lawrence,

Thankyou for your reply. I now feel a little embarressed. I had assumed that it was a problem with the MyBookWorld, but it’s now clear it was a problem with the switch that the MyBookWorld was plugged into. It’s an old switch, and it was clearly dieing a slow death. The switch was randomly turning on and off ports plugged into it, and so obviously the MyBookWorld was correctly reporting that it’s network went down, then trying to reconnect as soon as my switch randomly decided to turn it on again.

At first I only noticed when I was using the MyBookWorld because that’s what I do most of my streaming of music and video off. As the switch got worse it started to effect my internet browsing and that’s when I realised it was the switch. Bought a new switch and the problem’s solved.

Again, thanks for your reply.