NFS support gone?

I noticed my dlna shares were no longer rescanned for new files for a week or two

so i went into the web interface to do a manual rescan/rebuild and the settings page was not fully loading, it seemed to just stop loading halfway… it never fully loaded, and i couldn’t access the network or media sections AT ALL because the entire page was unresponsive

so i noticed there was a new firmware, it had been a while since i updated (though nothing had gone wrong previously)

so i upgraded to 2.11.178 which is the latest version its finding for me

it changed the web interface, spent 16 hours rescanning my raid to verify… and when it was done i realized the NFS support is GONE…

i’ve been using it for all of my mounts from other machines for … YEAARS now, i don’t know like 5-6 years?

it has always proven to be faster than smb for me and it supported hardlinking, which i need for my backup system

i use the storage as the backend filesystem for my backup software…

now that hardlinking is gone, and nfs is gone… smb transfer is noticably slower and my backup software (backuppc) doesn’t work at all because smb doesn’t support hardlinks

what can i do?

has anyone gotten unix extensions and hardlinks to work on their ex4 over samba?

is it possible or safe to downgrade my firmware to one that has nfs again?

is nfs going to be supported again?

how can they remove features i paid for without even warning me holy ■■■■… its broken my whole setup…

i recall them doing this YEARS AGO and the outrage was so stiff they apparently brought it back… is this deliberate obsolescence?

apparently i was using an ancient version from before they removed nfs…

i tried downgrading (to 1.02.42) and im still trying to resetup the shares, fix the permissions which i changed for smb, and get the backup software going but so far it appears to have worked perfectly fine

the weird page loading issue is gone, hopefully the media server scan works again too, ill find out in time