NFS setup for use with WDTV Live SMP

I need help setting up NFS using hanewin on Windows 7 which works with WDTV Live SMP.

I have the latest firmware 1.07.15

Using NFS (linux shares from the WDTV GUI), I am able to select the video and play for a few seconds. But it keeps freezing after a few seconds. I have tried this different video files and rebooted multiple times but same result. It just keeps getting stuck/frozen in the same place for all these moves. I have tried with mkv files (both 1080p and 720p) and then also DVD folders with video_ts and vob files. In hanewin, is there any thing in particular I need to set for this? Also, could there be something in my network adapter setting that needs to be changed? For FYI, I have a wired gigabit network. The machine which is running hanewin is a windows 7 64 bit machine with plenty of RAM and i7 processor.

Please let me know if any specific information I need to provide. I have tried searching in this forum as much as I could but have not found anything. If there s a similar discussion somewhere,  please let me know the link. If this doesn’t work, I am returning this product as I need to have this working.

Thanks in advance.

No experience using hanewin, however you may try rolling back to an earlier firmware, and also reset the SMP by holding its reset buttin for 1 second. 

It did not work. I rolled back to all 3 previous versions and did a reset each time. Any other ideas? Has anyone used another NFS server besides hanewin and made this work?