NFS settings


Last week a WD tech support told me that the WD My cloud 4TB support NFS, I just bought one and update the firmware to: WDMyCloud v04.01.03-421 : Core F/W 

somehow, I can not find NFS setting in anywhere. can someone give some ideas where is the startup point? or any document for that. I want to use it as a ESXi storage



By the way, did searth forum, look like it support the NFS, but need to do some lower level setup, where can i found that information?


there is nothing to set. It is already exported under /nfs/*

they export everything.

Just use your nfs client as normal and mount whatever share you want.

in Linux (you may need to install a client check your disrribution) do

showmount -e

to see the shares.

In Windows this might help

depending on your Windows version you may already have nfs or need to add it as feature (sorry don’t use Windows) ,  but above link might be a good start

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May I know the user name and password for get the share?

and say the WD’s IP is what is the full share name?



the username and password is whatever you set for that share, you have to give that to the client you are trying to mount whit. what are you using?

the full share name is the name of the share you created.

whatevery share you create in the wdmycloud dahsboard, will be exported.

Whatever user you create with whatever permissions you create will be the one to use. No need for Public share or if you make your shares public.

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I want to use it as a ESXi  storage.

so, if I make a share  “SHARE” in the console ( and create a new user call “ESXi” with password “Sharepassword” then from my client (ESXi) , I can use like \\SHARE? with provided username and password?


Oh you are using vmware, I am not sure how it works there (limited knowledge :slight_smile: )

BUT … for Unix systems as example,

you create a share (i prefer from GUI as WD has additional settings and I never tried from console it will probalby work, yuo can try).

Normally, I I am on mybox (FreeBSD) I create a user to match the user on the cloud, and then mount the share as follows:

Fro example if I have a share called jamalaya on the cloud (and I set permissions)

mount -t nfs wdmycloud:/nfs/jamalaya /mnt/jamalya

and then access it.

try creating users in the GUI, set permissions, and then goto your box and mount it.

You will have to find out how to create equivalent user (and password) on ESXI

then you can mount it

 make a Public share and experiment with that first.

After you might need to change wdmycloud settings.

I created a share and it was deleted by wdmycloud upon reboot :slight_smile:

the others have been restricted for private use unless you use Public or  make a share public.

(I personally never changed anything on my device and never will, it’s been working perfect for 1 1/2 years).


Are there any patches or updates, softwares that can allow me to do the NFS configure from the console? and right now if I only have windows box, how can I verify it ( nfs share )?


NFS client on Windows is a feature. Not all versions of Windows have it though. check yours by going to control panel programs and features, turn it on if off, if you see “Services for UNIX based applications” then chek it and click ok this will install it  and install the “mount” command as well.

If not found, Windows still provide Unix services as standalone download, again, only works on certain versions. check it out here

is that means if I have mount then will be good enough?

just try the mount command?

some examples. I used a looooooooooooong  time ago

    mount \{machinename}{filesystem} {driveletter}


mount \\filehost\home\users H:
mount \\server1234\long\term\file\storage S:
mount \\nas324\exports E: