NFS + NTFS -Access

First of all -Hi @ll !!!

Here we go:

Wd Live, with latest officially FW

can access NTFS shares of Win7 without any problem.

I own a Asus WL700gE Router with build in 250Gb HD, sounds perfect for me putting the HD Videos on it.

The Router shares via: NFS, CIFS and FTP.

I CAN access the Router via WD Live with the old Trick: turning automatically logging on -off, typing pwd and access, (turning automatically logging on afterwards, of course) works perfect …but here is the problem:

If i access NTFS shares 1st and afterwards the Router i cannt access the Router !!!, the PWD and User of the NTFS share and Router share is the same.

Hmm i cannt really understand this 1.

Any Help PLZ ?!!!

Best greets from Austria


Well, that problem you describe was actually fixed in a version of Firmware, but for the life of me I can’t remember if it’s on 1.02.21 or if it’s in one of the 1.03.x betas.    

I guess if you’re actually running 1.02.21, then it must be in one of the betas.


1st of all, thx for the information!!!

My Firmware is 1.02.21 (latest final officially), and NO beta.

When does a new FW arrive without this bug  ?