NFS no_root_squash or UID/GID preset

I recently deployed the EX4100 box, intending to use it as NFS mounted storage for backup for a small cluster of servers. I couldn’t find any way to match user and group IDs with the ones used on my systems. The easy solution was to change the export line to include no_root_squash but my changes don’t stick.

My preference would be finding some way to make accounts on the EX4100 match accounts in my UNIX environment, second-best would be find some way to force the anonymous user group IDs to a specific value, and third best would be a persistent no_root_squash.



Are you using OpenLDAP or Active Directory in your environment with UNIX extensions configured ? This would be other only was as unix systems do not share user information unless using something like a central LDAP database or running something like NIS.

Not sure the EX4100 supports doing this, but if you are not using LDAP, would not be ableto do it anyways.



still using NIS here. even a simple manual mapping would be work. I’m not supporting that many users. :slight_smile:

I’m thinking about buying one of these units to take apart. would love to replace the OS with ubuntu.


There are some others already looking at doing this : My Cloud PR4100 / PR2100 Firmware

This is also worth a read :,34103