NFS no longer supported

Here’s an overly broad noob question.

The new firmware update (1.50.30) description states:

“Effective with this firmware update, the Network File System (NFS) feature will not be available or supported.”

Based on my understanding, I’m currently using NFS to access files in Win 7 Home Premium 64 in the file explorer.  Does that sound right? 

If so or if not, can you please explain more about how no longer supporting NFS in the new update can impact file access?

I’ve read a bit about other users complaining about the new update.  Although I want my system to have the latest firmware, I don’t want to update blindly.  I don’t want to “fix it if it isn’t broke.”

Thanks in advance for teaching me about the implications of this new update.



Good that you posted this. I was thinking the same as well.

However I have updated the firmware. I connect through “Map Network Drive” running on Win 7 (64 bit). Seems working fine, i can access the Shared folder created.

Anyway, do look forward for the expert view on this.


As I understand it, NFS is for linux OSs top access files in other linux OSs. If you’re accessing with Windows I’m pretty sure you’ll be using Samba which continues to be supported just fine.

Thank you so much. I’m learning as I go - I’m sure this is a n00b question. Yes. I am using Win7 64 at the office. Files (shares) on the WD EX4 are accessed through windows explorer. If I update to the new firmware will all that remain the same / untouched? I read that some people have had to mount individual shares as drives after the upgrade. Is that only Linux users? Will I experience any noticeable change with file access after the update where NFS is no longer supported? Thanks again.