NFS mounted by Mac Big Sur has different rights and username than SMB shares?WTF?


ich just bought souch a nice EX2 and do Raid1 mirroring on this. Now what each of us will do I’m copying over all my Fotos from each Cloud I used in the past. I’m working on it since DAYS! :slight_smile:
My Problem is, the following.

It seems that the created files on the cloud which comes over a mounted Samba Share has different userrights than if you came over a NFS mounted Share. I did Command K in Finder and then mount the NFS share. The Samba stuff is there already but I have thought it could be faster over NFS.

Any Ideas how I can change the NFS rights from the created files and dirs on the NFS? Mostly all files will be chmod 777 by default so that staff can read this, but nfs creates the files with only user rights like rwx-rx-rx and there is the Problem. I came to it after uploading Images who I could’t open a day after the upload.

Long Term short, please help me out :slight_smile:



Please refer to the following KBA article:

Sorry What the Risk no Information about User Rights for file folder Management ober NFS.

KR Marcel