/nfs mount point not created after enabling NFS. OS5, EX2

When I turn on “NFS Access” the GUI shows the mount point to be “Mount Point: nfs://”, but it’s not created. The mount point created is nfs:// The same for a USB drive share.

This may seem like a minor inconvenience, but if the USB is ever ejected and reattached, or even if the EX2 is rebooted, the USB NFS share mount point might change (and break NFS drive mappings).

Any ideas?


Please refer to this KB article: My Cloud: Configure NFS Service

Thanks for the response. I have seen that KB, but it doesn’t solve the problem of the /nfs mount point not being created. The mount point created is /mnt/xxx

Replying to this to bump it up again. The issue persists with v5.26.119. I’ve opened two support calls with WD, but they don’t try and answer - just string me along.