NFS issues and library problems

So I wanted to keep all my movies files in /home/garrett/Videos/Movies/ and all of my

TV shows in /home/garrett/Videos/Shows/ so I set up NFS config file /etc/exports to show

/home/garrett/Videos/ *(ro,sync,no_subtree_check)

I read the documentation and NFS and if you share a parrent directory all subdirectories are also shared, but for somereason when I share my Videos directory the TV Live Stream says that therer is no media available for playback when I select my Movies or Shows directory from the TV Live. Any ideas? Thanks

Also, since I have a directory for movies and a directory for Shows I seem to have run into a problem with the TV Live. I don’t want my library to show every movie and every episode of every show all cramed together in one menu. I could use the directory list on the TV Live instead of the Library but if you don’t make something your Library the TV Live won’t fetch the cover art. Any ideas on how to fix this? If not WD will you please fix the firmware. I would also like to be able to keep the cover art and meta data in another directory so that I don’t have to give the TV Live write access to my movie files.


I have not tried this, lets see if another user can share some information or tips on this mater.

Network Shares issues generally relate to Windows (more than the WDTV).

I have found allocating the WDTV with a fixed IP address (from the router) makes it work fine.

Sharing parent directories does work for sub-directories.

You can check that it all works under Network Shares before you go back to the Media Library.

As far as your Media Library goes, I’d suggest changing the directory structure slightly.

I keep my TV episodes in a seaparate “Season directory” for each show (under the TV parent directory).  

This lets the WDTV download the metadata for each episode and place it in its corresponding directory.  This also lets it keep track of which episode you have watched (which is perfect if you keep a whole season and view them at different times).   

The device downloads the background slides, thumbnails and xml data files and keeps them in the same directory as the movie or tv episode.  This does not change the movie file in any way and works very well.