NFS - Does anyone have it working please?


I have added an NFS share to my DNS-323 NAS box for the WDTV SMP and (after a few attempts) the SMP finally finds the IP address of the NFS share, however as soon as I go into the movies that I have shared (full read/write access) and hit OK on the folder the SMP just sits there doing nothing and the only way I can get out of it is to hit the power button for 3 seconds which, obviously resets the box.

Can someone please advise if they have NFS working and how they actually did it.

I have tried NFS because I have an older WDTV live with custom firmware that will only play full BR rips with NFS, SAMBA, for me, has caused stuttering.

The same MKV file will stutter on the SMP thru SAMBA but will play 100% fine on the WDTV Live with custom firmware and NFS share.


Yep…  I have used NFS on four different NAS boxes with no issues.   2 QNAPs and 2 WD NAS’s.

There really wasn’t anything to it…  The WD’s have NFS enabled by default on Public shares, and the QNAPs are easy to configure.  

I don’t use it normally because NFS is permissionless, so I stick with SMB…