NFS and SMB permissions issue

When copying a file to a share via NFS and then accessing that said file via SMB permissions seem fine, I am able to move the file without issue.

When copying a folder containing files to a share via NFS and then accessing those said files via SMB permissions are read-only, and I am unable t move a file.

Now I could possibly fix it using SSH and looking at the settings of NFS for that share but that would void the warranty from what I’ve seen. Is there a setting I’m overlooking that corrects this issue that anyone is aware of.

I’m also able to write/delete the files via the NFS way of accessing them just not when going to them via SMB.

Thanks in advance for any information.

Hello there,

I have found this useful link, check it out to see it if can give you some insight on your situation.

Hopefully an experienced User might shed some light with us.

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Thanks for that. I’d found that article but using SSH voids support and that’s not something I wanted to do. I know how to fix the NFS server if it was a linux box I was administrating. I’m not sure how to fix it without voiding the support on the product :slight_smile:

Let’s wait to see if another user can assist you with this as this proceedings are not warranted or supported by Western Digital.