NextCloud Apps still not exist?


just bought a My Cloud EX2 Ultra yesterday and got dissapointed.

The management of rights and Sync is horrible…

is there any chance to get Nextcloud on my EX2 ?

managed it to load the Nextcloud Install via SSH, but i tell me i dont have the php package install. So maybe some one have a App ?

dont want to lose my warranty… and i really enjoy the function of EX2 but i cant use it with this “sync”.

i hope you can help me… thank you for the time answering!

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Hello, marvlous

Well, I would like to inform you that the use of SSH (Secure Shell) can potentially harm the My Cloud EX2 device and could result in loss of access to the device and/or data. The use of SSH to modify or attempt to modify the device outside of the normal operation of the product voids your WD warranty.

There is official nextcloud docker image that you can run.
You need ssh access for it.

yeah i know, but thats okay.

What are you trying to sync