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Where do we find developers that can create apps for money? I have previously linked to a site where it allows users to pool their money together and offer it to WD for a product improvement, but WD said that offering them money on this support board was not allowed. (Odd for sure!) Are there freelance developers on this board that can build an app for a DL4100 device?

Thanks for any input or resource.

I believe I saw a Nextcloud docker container, so it is already developed, it just needs some configuration and deployment to your PR4100.

Take a look here:


Thanks for the info. Actually, I had setup a docker container for owncloud… and nextcloud is very similar. But my skill set stopped there. Additionally, if you look at the SDK for WD, it no longer mentions docker, and I fear that WD may quit support of docker. I am hoping to get an app that I can install from the MyCloud Device Management Page. i.e. a legitimate app.

Dropping docker support would be a really really bad move, as it is as of now only way to overcome WD tragic app portfolio.

I feel / fear the same! For the last 2 weeks, my docker containers stopped, and I am started getting a “Cannot connect to the Docker daemon. Is ‘docker -d’ running on this host?” when I run a docker command. So I sent a support request.
Their 1st level support has not heard of docker. I just (friday) escalated the request to the next level. Hopefully their level 2 support has heard of docker.


The correct path for Docker Developer support is:


Thanks for the info. I actually learned about docker from the developer resource page, back when they discussed docker (SDK v1) With SDK v2, docker is no longer discussed. Further, no one has heard of docker yet within the typical support structure of WD when I submitted a support request. After your post, I again scanned the developer site, but I did not see a resource that could assist. If someone else would be able to see if there is support on that page for docker, I would greatly appreciate it. Maybe 3 weeks of seeking support has blinded me to something obvious!

Customer Support is not involved in the Docker Dev Program.
Docker is supported directly by the engineering team.
Go Here and click Contact Us to send an email to the team.

I’ll also inform the appropriate parties of your request

Ahhh, I thought that was to write mycloud applications for the web api, but not to work with docker within the box itself. I will do so. Thanks!

WD Community,

Docker support has been depreciated in favor of an Apps Package (APKG) package management system designed for the My Cloud Series Network Attached Storage (NAS) products. For more information, please visit

Thanks for more information. I was surprised that the developer website does not mention docker. So that means docker is no longer supported? Will docker continue to be part of the system? Surprising that it WAS part of the SDK and now is not, without any discussion or announcements. Will the APKG be supported for a few months and then stopped as well? Just trying to gauge WD’s loyalty to it’s community of developers, or just plain folks (like myself) that bought the device under the guise of being able to use docker.

Thanks for any insight!

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Thats just great news. I would like to know if docker stays or not. I would also like to know if removing important functionality like this is considered as a valid reason to return the device.
Docker is useful tool which any user could use to pull prepared image and set it up to match his/her needs, thus overcoming the shortage in apps department WD does not care about.
Now it’s going to be replaced it with proprietary system that requires linux developer to build apps. Just so you know, your app store contains 17 apps, and making it harder to the devs and userbase will not get it any better.
Replacing my Qnap with WD seems worse idea every day.

  1. Docker is not being removed.
  2. WD Warranty Policy is located here
  1. Docker is also not being supported, people have issues running some images, and developers are most probably going to stop creating apps / images due to WD dropping support
  2. Thank you for not answering my question. By the way, when you point someone to any page, you should at least read it. You would then notice that PR series are not mentioned in the document you have linked.

SBrown, will you provide more insight on the plans of docker support? i.e. docker is currently deprecating the --link command (See Here) which allows us to link running containers. That’s just one example of course. Will WD upgrade docker to allow us to use the supported feature set?



As corwin points out below docker is definitely not being supported but think it is a bit rich of the developers to drop ALL references to it from the website. I had created 1 or 2 coker apps for testing out things and found it to be quite useful. I get that they want to move to the new application deployment but some links tothe tutorial for the docker info should still be available as people still use that even if WD don’t support it.

Any chance it can be arranged that these pages are either published back on developer site or if we can get an archive copy of them somehow ?



Found them myself at