Next music track won't play

When playing music from the connected hard drive the WD will play 2 or 3 songs then then name will change to the next song and the progress bar and timer will keep running but no sound. If clicked to restart the track then it will play, have had no problems with these mp3’s when they where on my computer.

Have not been able to listen to a full album without interference.

Can anyone help ?

Further information;

WD live with fw .17 (but was the same with original fw)

hard drive WD element 500gb

MP3’s stored in folders with albums names with Win amp and playlists.

Connection to TV through HDMI

Is this a known problem or is there something wrong with my setup? I’ve read that there are problems with the WD missing the first few seconds, but this is different as the track refuses to play at all, unless track is restarted. Nightmare having to restart tracks very practically every other.

Is this normal… I connected my WD live to the internet this weekend for the first time, and looks like I have the same problem with You Tube videos. Videos will play but every other has to be restarted to get sound working.

Anyone else with the same problems or is my WD live faulty? considering returning unit.

The first thing you could try is to press the reset on the side of the unit and see if that helps.

Thanks for your reply I have tried the reset, no difference. If I can’t solve this by the end of the week the WD will be returned.

Can others please confirm that this is not normal operation.

It seems to me that this is related to the audio output. Do you have it connected to your A/V receiver with the optical output cable? If so try connecting it with the analog cable and see if it works; if it does you will know then that the WDTV and your receiver are not working well together. That or there is something weird about the way you’ve configured the digital input on the receiver.

WD player is connected to TV by HDMI, no amp or optical connection.

Will try with the cables that came with the WD and report back.

I tried changing the resolution under display options tonight and the problem still persists.

Have tried different HDMI lead, the leads that came with the WD and also update firmware to .24 and carried out a restore to factory defaults. Problem will music playback stills remains. Any other thing I could try before I return unit ? Thanks in advance. Al