News about 2.02.32 freezes ... from customers


Short translation:
A smart guy, Parnas72, did found a “2.02.32 firmware” recurring attempt to connect with a WD page achieving a “404 not found”. He blocked via router that web address and it seems that freezes are gone.
Unfortunately the router trick isn’t suitable for all :expressionless:

access to what url?

As i wrote more info


maybe something like this i posted a while ago

Ok, we need a “how to” for this…

Or even better, now we know what is causing the freezing, this should be an easy fix for WD!

How does this differ from disabling the WD support on your WDTV live?


That’s my hope… or maybe a modded firmware?
Techflaws or Parnas72 's suggestions are for experts with the right router.