Newly installed EX2 and SmartWare backup hangs

I installed SmartWare Pro on my daughter’s laptop today and started a backup for her on the My Cloud EX2 , and it did start.  I used all default settings, category backup, continuously updated, and it started OK. But it has been stuck at 1.57GB for the last 2.5 hours. See screen shot below.

Any ideas? It works great on my son’s machine (Windows 7). My daughter’s is Windows 8, if that matters.

I should have let you know:

Windows 8.1

EX2 firmware is up to date with 1.05.36

WD SmartWare is up to date with 2.4.12

I may be getting stuck on this particular file. See Screenshot. When I click on it to retry, it does nothing, and no further backup activity takes place.

OK, the backup appears to be working now, no need for any help. I am curious, though, why certain files are not backed up. Is it a size limitation? Here is the screen for files not yet backed up.

OK, after some searching around here, it seems that the software will backup stuff under 50MB in size first on the first backup, then it will come back and back up the larger files. Seems to be progressing OK now. I just had to get used to how it operates.