Newly installed 6TB My Book Duo repeatly disconnects while I'm editing Audio Files

I hope I’m posting this in the correct area. I have a My Book Duo (it doesn’t say Live). I picked up
this 6TB mirrored external drive unit to give me a reliable back up of my 1.6 TB Music Archive. I
transferred my existing copy of the Archive from the Hard Drive on my Desktop successfully, and was pleased with the Duo Book’s speed. However, when I started editing .wav files inside of Sound Forge Pro I found that if the My Book Duo isn’t accessed within in a minute or so the drive pair disconnects from my computer (Sound Forge loads an image of the wav file and does not update the original file till the file is re-saved). I have to reopen the file to get access to the My Book Duo.

This wouldn’t be a major problem but, if I have multiple audio files open that I am editing and merging, if the drive disconnects, Sound Forge sees it can’t access the original files and then deletes the image of the files I have merged. This destroys the audio project that I’m working on and I have to restart the edits all over.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?
Is there a way to set the Duo Book to stay connected and shut down when I close Windows 10???

Any Help would be Greatly Appreciated!

T. Chris Minor

Desktop is a Windows 10 Pro, running on a Intel 4 core I 7 CPU running at 2.7 GHz.with 12 GB or System Memory. the Duo Book is connected via a 3.0 USB Connection.


I haven’t seen this case before.

Have you tried using a different USB Cable or a different computer?

well I only have my laptop at the moment (my desktop Mobo failed and I’m working to get it back up, then I will have a 3.0 usb available and I will see how that runs. thanks for the suggestion!