Newly bought WD30EZRX Arrive - Chip Damaged & Rusty?! OR is it normal? Anyone same as me?

Dear All,

As subject, please refer to the photos below:*FFLZ68f7o_D/item.JPG?rot=1

Anyone same as me??? I’m scared to use them in regards to their reliability! (Sob)

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Thank you for your kind advise, cuernudo!

Thanks for your reply too, Awopero!

To fzabkar: It seems you need to log in to view, have replace the WD links, tq. 

This is NOT normal, a brand new drive should not have any damage or rust. Take back to the store and ask for a replacement. Do not use this drive, it might damage your system.

As cuernudo says this is not normal, replace it.

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