NEWIE ! Assistance please


Having fianlly purchased a WD MyCloud I have the device connected however I wanted to double check if I have got my head round using it correctly !!!

When I have saved all my pics/videos/files onto my cloud can I then delete them (make space on my laptop ) and still be able to view the pics/ vids/ files when I want …

Or must I keep th eorginal on my laptop     



You don’t have to keep them on your laptop for the WD My Cloud to work properly BUT you would be VERY UNWISE to only have one copy of such things if you value them… especially if that one copy was on the My Cloud since many on this forum have had some problems with the unit that caused them to have to to a total restore which erases all data from the My Cloud.

You can pick up an external hard drive as a second place for backup… not terribly expensive.

cool thanks …

So I could basically use my cloud as a “shared hard drive” for the family and then back up to another external hard drive connected to the MyCloud ??

Does that make sense ??

Thanks for your response.

Yes. Keep the reference copy on the NAS. You can also backup the contents of your PCs to the NAS. Make sure you make a backup of your NAS content using the Safepoint feature.